Free reporting service for lost, found and stolen pets and other animals in Bicester & surrounding areas

We offer a FREE reporting service to help lost, stolen or found pets such as dogs, cats and ferrets, plus horses and all sorts of other animals in the Bicester area.

When you report an animal to us - we notify the local vets, wardens, shelters and rescue organisations in the local area. We call this our Offical Alert Network. We also distribute reports to the members of our Local Pet Watch scheme, on the ground in the area.

Lost animal posters

Need a poster for your lost pet?

Report your lost animal online, Upload a photo with your report and we'll email you back an A4 poster ready for you to print at home. You could be out spreading the word in your neighbourhood in no time at all!

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Latest lost and found activity snapshot
Lost and found cats, dogs, horses, ferrets and other animals in Bicester
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